September 8, 2009

MIKA is back...weirder and not as cool

Remember when MIKA's debut album came out in 2007? Everyone had to get their hands on "Life In Cartoon Motion" it was on every "best of 2007" list and MIKA in turn won a ton of music awards. Considering how weird his last record was, I was pretty excited to hear his newest release. The great thing about MIKA is how unpredictable he can be...well...that can also be a curse. So MIKA's first single from his newest album has come out and it's as "different" as a MIKA song can be, meaning its ultra strange but not much of a stretch from his previous album. It almost sounds as if it was a reject from the previous record, or a horrible theme song for a crappy seventies sitcom. If someone told me this was on ABBA's "Greatest Hits" album or a terrible Broadway musical opening I would probably believe them. The strange thing about most MIKA songs is that I could see most of them being used for openings to musicals, which is the scary part. I mean ABBA has a musical, so do the Beatles, and Billy MIKA NEXT!!!!? Please dear god noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I hate musicals, they ruin songs forever...and make them uncool to listen to. MIKA already makes me feel a tad uncomfortable, the last thing I need is retirees jamming out to him too. There goes my music credibility.

1 comment:

  1. What's wrong with musicals? They're awesome. :) I am rather into Cats at this moment. I have the film version now. :)

    Well, I suppose the song is 70s-ish, but I think you can really hear his style through it.
    I like it. :)
    It looks like he's having lots of fun. XD (or...going crazy...)