September 26, 2009

Snob Scrilla - There You Go Again

I like this. It's kind of strange hybrid between rap and rock...I hesitate about calling it rap-rock because it stirs up references to Limp Biscuit--and I HATE Limp Biscuit. However, I can also really relate to this song. I never wanted a conventional life; to settle down, have kids move to the suburbs and punch the clock. However, sometimes when I look at other people my age and what their doing and where I am I feel like I want all the wrong things. I want to travel, to move around, to see things, have a couple of affairs, have a career that takes me places, but marriage and a family are just two things that have never really appealed to me...


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  2. PS, please tell me you have this album? I just fell in love again!

  3. This is a really good song - thumbs up! :)