September 9, 2009


The information I got about Wyclef was completely wrong and I apologize. Remind me never to listen to my father when he listens to the news again...when he told me I was in shock as well. It turns out it was Wyclef's father! Sorry for being an idiot! Wyclef Jean's father died on September 4th of heart failure in a freak accident. I have been getting back on track with school and wrote the post on about three hours of sleep...yeah not doing that again. Thanks to the people who left comments and brought the error to my attention...or else it would of remained up for days...not good at all. Yikes.


  1. We understand!
    Take a break girl, you got like 5 new posts up every time I'm on here, and ur in school?
    Good job on ur blog though! U keep us posted on everything music!

  2. Yeah I freaked out for a few minutes when I saw that. My first thought was 'Wait! What about the Fugees?'. A quick wiki search shows me that is once again off.

    Great blog btw.