October 14, 2009

G Dragon's New Barftastic Video...

I thought I was done with mister G Dragon for today but no...not at all. I just came across his new video for his second single "Breathe" and yes the song isn't great but we're not really focusing on the music this time. I am going to be really superficial stage an intervention and say WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU WEARING!!!! No seriously...what is up with the muppet jackets? I thought you were kind of cute before you decided to become a blond and all. And I know you have always been fashion forward...but seriously if I saw you wearing some of the get ups you donned in this video I wouldn't be throwing myself at you I'd be running in the opposite direction to make sure you couldn't raid my closet. I thought the feather boa like arms on some of the outfits were the worst fashion offenses that was until the end of the video when I saw the flower jacket from hell. I don't think the hippies would be too happy with your concept of "flower power" that is no fashion love child but more like a rosemary's baby of fashion monstrosities. I want to burn it, and watch all of the multicolored flowers shrivel and die as they burst into flames. Seriously dude I would be doing you a favor.


  1. Well, G-dragon's always been weird in the fashion department. But he sends a trend, so...

    I hope that his furry/feathery arms don't though. When he dances, I'm reminded of a gorrila.

    But, he's good friends with the stylist of 2ne1 and he comes up with odd stuff. You should watch the 2ne1 show thing. Then you can see the fashion up close and personal. Apparently the stylist is pretty big in underground. So much so, when 2ne1 came out after debut, the fangirls were shouting his name lol.

    Though, the keyboard they're dancing on is trippy.

    I finally listened to Flo Rida's song. Was totally thinking of Heartbreaker during it though.

  2. Even though this looks very very odd he still has every other boyband blonding out a member, and wearing feathers all over. I think he does things sometimes to go I wonder if they would follow this... I'd hate to be the Big Bang member who always loses on that bet.

  3. Yeah it's true...now every boy band has a blond dude.