October 14, 2009

Koreans Have Crappy Pop Music Too Part 2

G Dragon's "Heart Breaker" was pretty bad, and now he's actually being sued by the people behind Flo Rida's remake of crappy song "You Spin me Right Round" for copyright infringement...go figure. A crappy eighties song is remade by a half assed crappy rapper and then "stolen" by G Dragon for a less than stellar single. I actually can't tell the similarities between Flo Rida's song and G Dragon's but whatever, we have a new crappy Korean single to analyze. This time it's brought to us by a new singer N.S Yoon Ji N.S, not only are her dance moves in the song extremely sloppy but the girl CAN'T sing. It's heavily Auto-Tuned to mask the fact that her voice is not strong enough to carry a heavy dance track and boy does it show. Apparently she has some connections in the music industry in South Korea, she has a cousin in popular girl group KARA. Well I guess just wait and see how it does on the charts.

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  1. ...

    Why am I only commenting on your k-pop stuff?

    She's not that...outstanding. Like, heavy impact (ie. when CL comes out, you remember her).

    Even Bom has more expression than her. And Bom doesn't have that much facial change most of the time.

    I can go on, but I'll stop.