October 14, 2009

MBLAQ - Oh Yeah

Um interesting name. I must say I think HAM has been my favorite as far as K-pop groups go...although MBLAQ is still pretty bad. The song is pretty embarrassing too, and please someone call the fashion police! I don't care if MC Hammer pants are in they are still an assault on my eyes. Also nice Big Bang impersonations...can't these new guy groups find their own styles rather than imitate?


  1. ...

    Wow. The pants. And the arms. (G-dragon pulls it off better).

    The "oh yeah" is quite...repetitive. And annoying.

  2. Complementary Joon love post. And the guy in the half white shirt in a girl from 2NE1's brother. I kinda like their other music... Oh Yeah not so much HyunA of all girls to feature her ?.?