October 21, 2009

I Cave...I like Shinee's New Single

Ok fine the video is horribly embarrassing, I mean the wardrobe choices for these groups are terrible. The feathers? The over-processed blond hair? The wings? Yeah really "manly." I don't really get how these guys can be sex symbols when they are dressed like Adam Lambert...but hey they are one of the most popular boy bands in South Korea so I guess they are doing something right. I actually never liked any of their songs, but their newest one is pretty catchy in a I have to close all the windows in my house and retreat to my basement kind of way.


  1. Haha. Well, that pretty boy thing is their image. The thinness, almost "feminine" image thing...I think it's something to do with the popularity of "bishonen." As much as they want to deny it, a lot of the style in S.Korea is from Japan. I was lame and actually read an article about it. Granted, I was looking up DBSK, but...(actually, i don't know if that's putting any good points to this).

    I can totally see you hide away and listen to this. It's catchy (i like the beat), but the chorus dance move was O_O for me.
    I can totally see the target demography for the band though. :)

  2. This is so much better than Juliette. SHINee's manliness is off, but for some reason their cordi's have some kind of evil pact good hair awful clothes... or good clothes and awful hair.