October 10, 2009

TheMusicGeek is a sell out and has a Twitter...did you know?

Yes I hate Twitter, but I have one and had for a couple of months. I still don't really get the point especially since I am one of the few and the proud who shun mobile devices for the most part..yeah yeah I know I should join the 21st century, but I REFUSE! Mostly it's just a tool I use to link my blog posts to other areas of the interweb so more people know I exist. However I occasionally post things about giant spiders in my basement and smelly guys who sit next to me on the bus. So if you are a Twitter addict you can find me under:

ItsTheMusicGeek at

You know just in case you really really can't get enough of me and are bordering on stalking me, which is all good till get my phone number and address....

1 comment:

  1. I don't get Twitter. And I find it annoying. But congrats on moving into the 21st century! I shall wave from the 20th.

    And it's not really "shun" mobile devices. It's more of a "can't use" kinda thing.