October 2, 2009

Guilty Pleasures List 8

Nelly Furtado - Manos Al Aire
I like old Nelly Furtado, that is "Whoa Nelly!" and "Folklore" her two lowest grossing albums...I guess that's why she called on Timbaland to work on her colossal third release. However this new latin album brings back memories of the highly underrated Folklore. I like.


Young Love - Discotech and Find A New Way
He can sing and the beat is great...but seriously STOP writing your own songs. This is why Young Love is on my guilty pleasures list, he can sing, its well produced but the song writing is too lame.

Hilary Duff - Stranger, Wake Up
Ok I know what you are thinking..."MusicGeek! You have posted some pretty messed up artists in your sorry excuse for a blog...but this is the final straw! I am unsubscribing!" But please don't unsubscribe...I can explain...please!!! Although there is no excuse for the Hilary Duff music fetish, and she is a product of the fascist Disney music machine, some of her songs are quite catchy. And she is no Miley Cyrus...I mean at least she can carry a tune.


Wake Up

Timbaland - Throw it On Me, and Time
This is from his extremely pretentious album. it got slammed by critics but I thought the collaborations with The Hives and She Wants Revenge were quite good.

Throw It On Me

Natalie Imbruglia - Want
I'm a sucker for Natalie. She may be a pop artist but she has some depth at least...then again I just listed Hilary Duff above her so anyone that comes after Hilary has more depth! Her newest single from her up coming album, is miles better than her first single "Wild About It." Its dark and brooding, and I like it even though its co-written by Chris Martin.


Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet About Me
She has been compared to Amy Winehouse, and they both have powerful voices, however that's where the similarities end. Amy's style is much messier, and that's how she rose to fame, her sloppy take on soul, Galbriella is more cleaned up. Although she lacks Winehouse's edginess she has her own take on the genre playing up her "good girl gone bad image." I would also like to point out that Gabriella is only 18! And her voice is already so powerful! Unlike the Disney brood (although I do have Hilary up there) Gabriella gets by on her talent, not her daddy and preteen fan base. Take that Miley Cyrus.

Sweet About Me

Son Dambi - Cry Eye
Stupid song title but oh so catchy. Son Dambi definitely my favorite Korean pop singer at the moment.

T-ara & Supernova 티아라 & 초신성 - TTL Time to Love
Yeah so the beginning of the MV kind of reminds me of 2PM's "Again and Again" and the Supernova is sort of like a Big Bang rip off, but I like the song.

2NE1 - Pretty One
I love them, they kind of remind 0f the Korean version of TLC...


  1. Yaaaa! 2ne1!!

    I've told you already about the plagiarism thing with "I don't care" (which is why i think they're promoting this song, even though it was on the debut album). Good song though :)

    Comparing some successful veteran groups w/ HAM...either HAM has no stage presence compared to SNSD, 2ne1, Brown Eyed Girls, etc (though, i think one of them is not too bad...), or they don't have as good MV producers as those groups...

  2. Pretty Boy always reminds me of teir debut intro... good times. I miss old Cry Eye Dambi... but unfortunately she is so big now she is never going back there. TTL version one is pretty good, but then they tried to speed everything up and stuff in all the other members.