October 24, 2009

Another Laughably Lame K-pop Boy Band

New boy band BEAST or B2ST debuted their new MV for their single 'Bad Girl' and there is so much wrong with the music not to mention the video I don't even know where to start...actually I do let's start from the top the hair. The hair ranges in ugliness from modern takes on the bowl cut...and when was that ever considered trendy? To strange half shaven half rat's nests dos and the occasional homage to Alfalfa from The Little Rascals. Add a few bad dye jobs...G-Dragon really needs to stop dying his hair blond because now ALL the boy bands are doing it and some questionable guy liner and you have the beginnings of a questionable K-pop group. Now the clothes are another matter all together, some MC Hammer pants, some feathers and some feminine jewelry....I am starting to wonder if this group is supposed to cater to boy crazy teenage girls or teenage boys who are struggling with their sexual orientation. The music is your typical generic K-pop mess, some Auto-Tune some rapping, as you know I freely admit to listening to K-pop with some guilt attached...but I could barely get through this.

1 comment:

  1. Apparently, they're very good live. I've mentioned this before.

    I can't confirm this though. Not really wanting to look them up. Maybe when they "mature" into their own thing?

    But they're getting bigger.

    Who know. I tend to like groups based off their songs and dancing but also how entertaining they are on variety shows. Which I must say, most of my faves are due to those shows.