October 7, 2009

Songs I Am Listening to Right Now!

Here are some songs I am currently addicted to at the moment, whether old or new

Matt Pond PA - Grave's Disease
I don't know what it is about Matt Pond PA. I can listen to one of their albums in its entirety decide which songs are my favorites listen to those for weeks, come back to the same album months later listen to it again and pick a whole new set of "favorite" songs!

Zaho - Kifn'dir
my favorite Rn'B francophone songstress.

Plushgun - Dancing in a Minefield
This guy NEVER gets his due. Do him a favor pick up his debut album, you won't be disappointed. I actually discovered him through the internet show "We Need Girlfriends." Check that out as well.

The Cool Kids - I'm Mikey (I Rock)
I am a sucker for the Cool Kids...and oh yes they do rock.

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