October 25, 2009

Spontania feat AZU - Onaji sora mitsumeteru anata ni

A new musical addiction of mine, the video came out about a week ago on Universal Music Japan. I think the reason I feel the need to promote Asian artists on here is because I find that America is very closed off to artists from other cultures especially if they speak in their native languages and even more so if they are Asian. I think the US market misses out on a lot of talent because we insist that singers sing in English. Japan and Korea have two of the biggest music industries outside of the West. They set trends for almost all of the rest of East and South East Asia. Ignoring the music coming out of Asia is almost like ignoring global economic or political trends. Some of the most innovative ways to market and package artists are coming out of these two countries especially since markets for singles and albums in their native countries (much like our own) is shrinking. Watching their influence expand abroad is quite fascinating. I also think there is a stigma attached to listening to music from Asia, some people think you're an anime and manga freak (especially if you are Caucasian...and for the record I was only into Pokemon and that was in third grade) or that you have an unnatural obsession with Japan. This stereotype is only encouraged by the fact that many people who learn about Japanese and Korean artists do so through watching the openings for cartoons like Naruto and Bleach. However, it's funny that these stereotypes exist in the West while Asian countries listen to as much Western music like Britney Spears as they do J-pop and K-pop, and believe me I am pretty sure most of the Asian market for Western pop doesn't understand English either. So what really is the barrier for American listeners to start enjoying music from around the world regardless of language? The only answer I can come up with is our superiority complex, our music is always better, just like our TV and movies are ALWAYS superior right? Do yourself a favor and branch out a bit if you haven't already.



  1. This song is beautiful, and the video is so down-to-earth - I love it!

    I feel less inclined to try new K-pop bands nowadays: most of them seem so manufactured and plastic. Companies like SM Town are just spitting them out like watermelon seeds. They're all run on the same basis: pretty boys/girls who have ridiculous hair (in the male case). Don't get me wrong - I don't hate Korean music in general: I love talented musicians like Clazziquai, MC Sniper, Epik High, and BoA. But I'm kind of getting sick of the boy/girl band thing.

    Anyhow, I agree - music should be enjoyed for the sake of music. Lyrics are one aspect, but the music itself is just as important, if not more.

  2. Beautiful song. And not a bad MV. I still believe that K-stuff (well, the ones I've seen for the more popular singers) have better MVs (though, that may just apply for the K-pop/J-pop stuff).

    Right now, the K-music is dominated by idols. Too many to count and listen to (as you probably know). But, statistically speaking, at least a few will survive are probably good.

    Apparently (from random comments i've seen), BEAST is getting bigger (both them and f(x) are apparently good live but I'm not really interested in either. The songs didn't draw me in, not like SHINee. Then again, I may be biased).

    Ah, yes. The Western superiority thing. I'm taking a course where right now where talking about social entrepreneurs, etc. and I find some of the outlooks in the articles and the class interesting. Kinda like what you were touching in your point above. I agree with you, but it may take a while (probably way after Asia becomes a huge superpower) until the Western world will put down their superiority (they've had centuries of that...). I'm talking on a general basis here (not to you specifically. you're more...open-minded? than some people i meet).


    This is now going to be my new bands to introduce to you list thing. Mostly K-stuff, since that's what I'm into atm.

    That MV reminded me of 2 K-groups (idn what genre they're under). I've only seen one group live (their song) and the other, well, I know they're really popular and long-lasting so I assume they have good stuff.

    8eight - "Goodbye, my Love"
    Nice song, they're good live. It's 1 girl, 2 guys. That song above is a ballad with random asian rap (whatever you call that style) into it.

    Koyote <- band name. They're a kinda R&B, hip/hop group (as indicated by wiki) that have been around for 11 years, which I guess is a while in the K-music industry. Also 1 girl, 2 guys but the girl is the only original member (as with long lasting bands, there are changes in line-ups due to something or other ie/military service).


    Apparently, this group is legendary. They've been around for 25 years (they're a weird rock/ballad group). I only heard one song and it's nice. The singer has a nice voice.
    Group - Boohwal
    Song - Heeya

    There's my rant. Well, it is "my kind of music" which, as you know, probably won't fit that well into yours. But I tried for stuff that you may like.