October 21, 2009

MIKA is Making Me Increasingly Uncomfortable

Do you vaguely recall the MIKA post I did a while ago? you know the one about his first single off of his sophomore album? Well he has just released his newest single Rain and um I guess he really likes the Beegees it's too bad that I DON'T. The videos are also getting way too theatrical for my tastes. Lot's of arm swinging, grand gestures and strange facial expressions. the worst part is listening to the song and just thinking about how show-boaty his music has become. Honestly if they played these songs in elevators and at the supermarket along with Funky Town and We Built This City I don't think I would notice the difference...but is that being too harsh? At this point MIKA is becoming as cool as shag carpet, polyester, and disco...and when was that stuff ever cool?

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