October 18, 2009

SM Entertainment's Newest Girl Group: f(x)

Yeah when I saw it I didn't get either..."They named the group function???" but the name is actually short for Aff(x)tion...and it's still stupid. The only thing I find kind of interesting about this group is the look of the rapper, she is actually quite, boyish. I kind of like the fact that not everyone in the group is conventionally "pretty" as we all know South Korea pop stars have developed a reputation abroad for plastic surgery. I wonder what is going on in the Korean pop music business lately because the face of girl groups definitely is changing with girl groups like 2NE1, 4minute, and T-ARA, groups are becoming tougher with less of the sickening "cute" factor that plagues acts like SNSD, KARA and The Wondergirls.

Although other than that the song is still kind of lame sounding. I think 2NE1 so far is the best new act to come out of the battle for girl group supremacy.


  1. ...don't really care for the song, but they have more...impact? charisma? than the HAM group.

    That, or SM is much better at producing MVs.

    How's 4minute and T-ARA? I've been hearing much about them but haven't really gotten around at taking a look.

  2. 4minute is kinda lame I did a post on them a while back, but I like T-ARA.