October 28, 2009

I Need to Leave for Fiji....Just Somewhere Away From Here

So as you know I do the occasional non related rant on this blog, from time to time when something is really bothering me. So here is another issue I have been having...I have been talking to Mr X again. You may remember him from some of my earlier posts, however something happened last night that put me off to him--for good. He solicited me online for sex...classy isn't it? The guy doesn't even have my phone number, I don't think he has EVER asked for it, I gave it to him once and I think he forgot it or just never took it down. Anyway I was doing homework and had facebook open as I do from time to time, and I see a facebook chat window pop up...he literally wanted to schedule a TIME and PLACE to this...yeah really romantic. Being the kind of person I am I told him straight up no, because he doesn't even like me or care about me...and he never refuted that he just kept pressing the issue on through. Buffalo can be such an overwhelming place sometimes especially when stuff like this happens, you see I know Mr X from high school...strange right? I never talked to him or knew he existed, in fact I barely talked to anyone in high school on a non superficial level. Anyway I come back from Toronto and he develops an "interest" in me...the thing is in a city as small as Buffalo there is like one degree of separation separating everyone you know from everyone else. So essentially if I did anything too risque with this dude I could have half the city knowing that we did something...and although truthfully I could care less in this town, I have been feeling kind of used lately mostly by some fair weather Buffalo friends so doing anything too fast with a guy probably would not help my feelings. What I really disliked about this conversation was that either way it would end badly for me, if I refused which I did, I'm a prude, if I say yes I'm a slut...there is no "in between." I gotta get out of this town. I finally said I think I could only do that stuff with a long term boyfriend, then he stopped for a moment and asked me, "What's the difference? We have done everything else." And that is when I knew this guy would never get me...maybe there is a correlation between music taste and understanding a person (read my first post on him to figure that one out).

So here is my "I Hate Men I'm Becoming a Jewish Nun" Playlist.

The Kooks - Naive
Because essentially I was...well not entirely. Delusional would probably be a better word.


Lily Allen
- Fuck You
Self explanatory. Well the song is about homophobes...but mehh.

Spoon - I Summon You
The lyrics to this song are really poignant...I don't know it's just a comforting song.

Bif Naked - Tango Shoes
She is the queen of angry, you're a man-whore...songs...

Robyn - Handle Me
Yeah I also like this song when I get pissed off at guys. So I guess Mr. X will just have to rely on himself and his Hannah Montana albums for a little longer.

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  1. What is this, what is this?


    I'm supporting you all the way here (even though it's rather after the fact).

    Song popped into my head when reading this post:

    Pink - U + Ur Hand