July 19, 2009

Dating and Music

My best friend Bradley recently had an epiphany about my dating habits, he said that I am attracted to burnouts. And for the first time in my life (well since my first major crush....sigh....Anthony) it all made sense. You see I have never had a boyfriend, I have a tendency to be a serial dater, date the guy once or twice then move on. Mostly I have this habit because I have never been attracted to anyone I dated...except for one guy. This guy we will call him Mr X (yes very creative) was not the brightest bulb in the box, but he was very attractive and a pretty good kisser. The only problem with Mr X is that in typical guy fashion he wanted to go all the way on the first date, which is something in the age of HIV (yes people I'm in science so I am paranoid) is something I would never do, EVER. However, the guy still talks to me all the time and I still kind of like him, except for one thing, his music taste sucks. It doesn't seem like a big deal to the average person, and it probably should not have been to me, but for some reason it can be a major turn off. When I got in his car he started playing some band called "Mayday Parade" which I later googled, and I cringed. Mostly it was the whiny crying voices, and the annoying prepubescent lyrics about broken hearts and unrequited love...blehhhhhhhh. All his bands oscillate between ballad-y "she doesn't know I exist" love songs, to the extreme "I hate that bitch" break up songs. The worst part is...HE SINGS. He sings along to every "Red Jumpsuit Apparatus" song and "The Maine" ballad....I wanted to cry, my ears were bleeding. And even worse, he thinks my music taste is awful. HOW DARE HE CHALLENGE MY UNQUESTIONABLE SUPREME MUSIC COLLECTION. He thinks Bloc Party is lame, Nada Surf is scary, Rilo Kiley sucks...but this guy sent me a link to a Taylor Swift song with a High School Musical video attached (yes he's 20). I told him I always knew he liked Zac Efron. So when Bradley and I were sitting in a coffee shop and I was eying the tatooed-ladden, peirced, mohawked hot coffee shop guy, I finally realized why burnouts and hippies have always been my preferred pick over the preppy frat guy I was talking to; they have always had better music taste. And then it hit me, yes they may have supreme taste in music, but they would never date me, because you see two music snobs can never be a couple, we are too judgmental...of each other. So, we just sat and ranted and I realized that at least in Buffalo the only guys I'm going to be fantasizing about are the ones in my record collection.

But see for yourself, and make your own opinions about his favorite bands, maybe I am being too judgmental:


  1. Next time, be a true member of the Miles of Smiles Book Club, and refer to "Mr. X" as "Prince Charming" lmao. This way we won't confuse him with a certain paraplegic with psychic powers

  2. Nope if music is your passion you have to find someone that you at least kinda mesh with in that department. Your audiophilic mate is out there, you'll find him silently ranting in line about the Jonas Brothers 6th movie.

    -random out-