July 19, 2009

I hate my friends' bad influences...on my music taste

Oh the confessions of a recovering indie rock music snob. My friend Lynn and I study for the MCATs about once a week, but we never really get to that studying part. Mostly we sit and talk about people who annoy us, do math problems, argue about Portland Oregon (really), and she shares her horrible, annoying -- but catchy music addictions with me. You see Lynn is the type of person who listens to whatever is on top 40 radio, and she recently got this song stuck in my head...and its, awful, so awful I started liking it...is that possible? And I feel horrible admitting this because I am supposed to have stellar taste even if I do write the occasional "guilty pleasures" posts confessing my musical sins, but this...this is too much even for me to handle.

So with a great deal of shame, I will air my dirty laundry....
I listen to this song when no one else is around--NO ONE


  1. Tell your friend I said thank you for broadening your horizons lol. The life of an Indie music snob is unfortunately a hypocritic one. On the one hand, you "Indie Bred Folk" claim that us "Mainstream Conformists" are "closed minded", and won't give anything that doesn't appear on Billboard, iTunes, or Seacrest's Top 40 (all excellent music sources btw) a chance, but you guys are just as bad because the second that you like a Top 40's song it's the end of the world. "omg! Help me! I'm becomming one of THEM. Next thing you know, I'm going to subscribe to billboard magazine, or listen to Kiss FM, or worse...go to a party and ENJOY myself as opposed to standig against the wall and laughing at people on the dance floor" lmao. There's nothing wrong with liking a Top 40's song. I won't hate on you for that...
    ...What I WILL hate on you for is liking THIS particular song! This is terrible! It's soo bad! And why does every new rap song have to come with a dance? You can hate on Flo Rida all you 'd like, but he has never been so gimmicky. And the tight jeans btw? Leave those to the Jonas Brothers because the Hip Hop world will never accept it!

  2. I disagree I happened to like the tight jeans, and at least they didn't rip off an already overplayed eighties song with a lame music video...cough *Flo Rida* cough...

    But thanks for actually reading my blog we will see each other soon I hope.

  3. skinnies on boys... yes please
    tighty whiteys hanging out of the top... do not want

    I've never heard this song but it makes me think of Steve Martin's Jerk so I daydream off... and by the time I'm back it's over... oh well.

    There are parties for people who have no plans to 'Jerk' or grind on the dance floor, which are quite fun. thank you very much.