July 20, 2009

I miss my home, but its not my real home

I am living with my parents in Buffalo for the summer, and I can't help but missing my home, Toronto. It may sound strange that I consider Toronto my real home when I grew up in Buffalo (I was not born in Buffalo) and lived there the majority of my life. However, Toronto and me just click, its almost like an old friend, I feel alive there and I never really feel alone even when I am walking downtown by myself. I have a sense of belonging and I never feel like a freak show the way I do walking down the streets in Buffalo. For some reason, I have never been able to fit in here, I have never had many friends, I dress differently (I guess more urban chic...too upscale for this place) I listen to obscure music no one else knows about, I read the New York Times, and Vogue...its just not my crowd. I have longed to feel a sense of belonging here, to be able to eat chicken wings, talk about the Sabres, play beer pong, actually like shopping at the mall, listen to whiny emo bands...I just can't its not in my nature. I miss eating sushi and walking around downtown late at night, drinking sake with friends, talking until 4 in the morning and just laughing. I miss laughing. I miss walking downtown by myself surrounded by sky scrapers and people rushing by speaking every language of the world besides English. So today I decided this blog post would be about Toronto bands, to pay tribute to my home, because your home is not necessarily where you grew up or where you were born, its where you feel you belong.

Metric - If you have been reading my blog, you know I am a huge metric fan, I have seen them in concert and have a huge girl crush on Emily Haines (mostly for her wardrobe)

USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - A band that is just really starting to take off, I am waiting them break through in the US.

Crystal Castles - These guys are huge in the inditronica/dance scene, its the only band I have ever heard that really uses the singer's voice like an instrument, in the purest sense.

Thunderheist - They are generating a lot of buzz right now for their debut album, and according to my friend Shelly they are pretty good live.

Bedouin Soundclash - I am also a big bedouin soundclash fan, and have seen them in concert (ok 10 minutes...in downtown Buffalo), well I would of liked to see them in concert.

Billy Talent - I have seen these guys in concert (for real this time) with my friends Shelly and Eve at Edgefest at Downsview Park, and they are actually pretty good live.

K-OS - One of the great MCs of our time and always under appreciated.


Stars - Their songs always seem relevant to me, almost like they are written just for me, I know how delusional it sounds...but hey what is music if it never feels personal?

Tokyo Police Club - Their first album was pretty decent, they can sound futuristic at times, and sometimes too experimental, but when they are on point, they rock.

- Indie rock darlings, they are always gracing the covers of some obscure indie rock magazine

Spiral Beach - They actually gave a free performance at my university, but I could not go because I had a physics test the next day...oh the pains of being a science nerd.

Broken Social Scene
- Probably the most important indie rock band in Canada if not North America (seriously), its a collaboration of many different musicians from many different bands and the line up is quite dynamic.

Die Mannequin
- Toronto power punkers, blast hair metal infused punk rock anthems...

Believe me, there are many many more Toronto based musicians to discover, the city has one of the great music scenes of the world. That's one of the great things about living in this city, besides the amazing food, and my friends of course...god I miss it even more.


  1. GUESS WHAT? Metric JUST released their Canadian fall tour schedule today! Best tickets in the house go on sale tomorrow at 9AM and the quality of the seat is based on first come first serve.


    There's also the huge Virgin Festival near Toronto coming up on Aug 29/30, where Nine Inch Nails is going to play their last concert in Canada ever. After this tour, they're gonna call it quits for the roads. Anyhow, other performers include Lights, Thunderheist (!!!), Pet Shop Boys, N.E.R.D., Our Lady Peace, Coeur de Pirate, and LOTS more...


  2. that is AWESOME...I wanna see N.E.R.D.

  3. Awesome. Sounds like you found your niche in Toronto. Go for it!