July 30, 2009

if only I had a unlimited amount of money and a loft in New York City

Yes a girl can dream, even if those dreams only come in the form of scripted television fantasies (I'm thinking Sex and the City). I was having some fun browsing through the ready to wear collections of DSquared^2 and Kenzo and it really made me wish I had an unlimited budget so I could waste all my money on the three C's (coffee, clothes, and concerts). I am not really materialistic...really I'm not, however when I see something like the Kenzo fashion show I get a nagging impulse to "buy." Its too bad I don't have 500 to drop on a sweater...more like 500 to painfully drop on a couple of physics textbooks.

Anyways I figured instead I would feature some music that has been used in fashion shows or used as inspiration for designers...maybe not the most exciting topic for the guys who read this (sorry).

La Roux - In For The Kill
This single was used in the Chanel couture show, I have mixed feelings about the rising popularity of La Roux, and actually did a June post about it.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero
Karen O is probably one of the most iconic figures in alternative music and alternative fashion. She may not be everyone's poster child for beauty or style, but she keeps people talking.

These New Puritans - Swords of Truth
Created music for the Dior Homme 2007 fashion shows with the experimental track called "Navigate."

VV Brown - Crying Blood
She was a model before she became a singer/ songwriter and still graces catwalks from time to time.

Yelle - Je Veux te Voir
She has become somewhat of a fashion icon in France.


  1. The video crying blood is superb the other french one je veux te voir, it's not showing up .

  2. oh really? It shows up on my computer hmmm...