July 31, 2009

I love my Bloc Party shirt a bit too much

Yes, my favorite article of clothing for the last four months has been an unremarkable, extremely overpriced concert T shirt that I got at a Bloc Party gig with Shelly. I shoveled out thirty bucks on a white American Apparel T shirt with the band name on it, but I can't say I regretted it. I just love the way it makes me feel, for most people its their favorite pair of jeans, or sexy high heel shoes that make them feel cool, for me its my bloc party t shirt. I pair it with black skinny jeans and converse shoes some weird vintage jewelry and I'm out the door, and I feel awesome. There is just something about the shirt that gives me immediate gratification, like a confidence boost, I feel like I'm special and just cooler than everyone else (but the "cooler" part is pretty easy if you live in Buffalo). Its almost like a safety blanket, something that makes me feel secure and reminds me of that night (it was a really kick ass concert). However, I think my love for my t shirt has become a bit too much for the poor article of clothing to handle, the fabric is starting to thin, and the color is starting to fade...but I keep on wearing it, till it needs to be retired at least (which shouldn't be anytime soon).

Anyway here is the new Bloc Party song "One More Chance"


  1. I really like this post. I get attached to some of my favorite clothes like that too. I think right now my favorite article of clothing would be a pair of old jeans I finally fit back into. I seem to want to wear them every day! They too are getting worn out, but I am not giving up on them yet. After all I just got them back! Also, I love your music page. It rocks! I just took my daughter to a concert for her 11th birthday to see Paramore and No Doubt. Of course the show was amazing! Gwen Stefani is gorgeous. BTW, I really like the pic of your t-shirt.

  2. Yeah gwen is really beautiful, I can't say I like her newer stuff, but I will always love No Doubt, especially in their "tragic kingdom" days. And thanks for the feedback!