August 1, 2009

August Playlist

The Ropes - I Don't Like To Get Dirty and Kill Her Off
A great sardonic rock anthem about someone who is quite unstable, or right on the edge. "Don't worry I won't hurt me" This track actually really hit home for me, because I can honestly say there have been times in my life where I have felt like this.

I heard "kill her off" about two years ago when they added me on myspace, and there was something really hard and edgy about their sound I was drawn to. - you can download some of their new songs for free.

Elevator Music - The Rocketeer
It's a wall of sound that appears to be chaotic at first, until you realize how artfully it all blends together.

check it out as well as their other songs on their myspace:

Lillix - Dance Alone
This band has gone through more line up changes than even the Pipettes, and their sound has evolved as well, from the pop rock infused self titled debut to a more power pop sound they have today. (They use the same producer as The Killers, so if it sounds similar it should)

As Tall As Lions - Circles
ATAL have always had a sort of haunting dreamy sound, "Circles" displays what the band can do best, get you lost in a sea of noise.

Rock Kills Kid - I Don't Mind
I have their first album which sort of sounded like a Brandon Flowers fronted U2 without Bono, this new song feels more like Rock Kills Kid are finding their own sound. I am glad they have seemed to found their identitites as musicians but I feel bad for their record company problems (their company is refusing to relese their new EP on their label).

Vertigo - Evaporate
This is from their first album, and the first song I heard from them in 2006. They do have new material and I encourage you to check out their myspace, however even when I listen to their new stuff, I am always drawn back to this song. I always felt that this band should of been bigger than it is.

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