August 11, 2009

To all the guys who blast music from their cars...

Really boys? Do you really think that by blasting Godsmack and acting all angry and "misunderstood" that girls are going to rip their shirts off and throw themselves at you? Whenever a group of guys drive down my street and start shouting out the window while blasting Disturbed I just think they're disturbed. Or even worse, those acne prone teenage boys who've just gotten their licenses and think cruising around blasting Plies or Rick Ross will get them doesn't work for Plies or Rick Ross...what makes you think it will work for you. However the worst offenders...are the boys who think playing Nickelback will attract attention...I mean believe me YOU WILL get attention, but it won't be the kind you want. If you really enjoy getting disgusted stares...please by all means blast it.

Just a few suggestions, never yell "Hey BABY!" out your window at a girl, when has it ever worked for you? Whenever I get the yelling coupled with the horrible music, I either assume the guy is too immature to talk to me in person or too scared. I understand that approaching a girl for the first time is quite a daunting task, there is a lot at stake and no one likes rejection, but driving around playing macho music and never leaving your car (while it is playing it safe) won't get you any numbers either. Another suggestion...never sing a long to emo songs in the car when you are out on a date or driving her home its a real mood killer, and she'll want to kill you. I have had this happen before, and it also puts us girls in a really awkward position especially if the bands are really whiny. Believe me I like some emo(check out my blog post Emo: The Good The Bad and The Ugly) but if you are singing along to Boys Like Girls or The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus its a deal breaker.

And the last suggestion...never EVER play death metal while trying to get in the "mood" this has happened to me too...and guess what? The "mood" died, thanks in large part to his death metal collection. Metal is fun but it has its place, I like Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath, but I can't say I like death metal...and especially not during a make out session.


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