August 20, 2009

High School

I have to take my sister shopping today, she is going into 9th grade and so obviously she has to look cooler than she did last year...god forbid I send her into 9th grade looking like I did (I wore pig tails...I thought I looked awesome). I don't think I will have to worry about her though, she is already my height has a bunch of friends and is far less innocent than I was at that age (I didn't know what a blow job was till the 10th grade...sad right?). Oh high school is one of those horribly deceptive times of your life. If you watch too many episodes of Dawson's Creek you may be tricked into thinking that puberty will finally end, you will grow tall and slim get boobs and have a great looking boyfriend. You know that whole "well adjusted teenager" myth, what they don't tell you is that the well adjusted teenager does not exist and you spend most of your time thinking that "you are the only one" that has problems. When you finally leave high school you realize how messed up everyone else was (not just you!) everyone was depressed and everyone has a stereotype they were trying to shed whether it was the slutty cheerleader label, the nerd (hello) or the fat kid. You leave high school being slightly disappointed with how everything turned out, not having a girlfriend or boyfriend, being just as short as when you began (I did grow like 2 inches) but thankful that you aren't like some of your classmates. Some of us use music to "rebel" against our surroundings to challenge authority (I actually hated teachers and authority figures...even though I was an honor role student...) or to stand out from our classmates. Everyone is trying to be "original" but be socially accepted at the same time. Everyone is insecure has bad skin and a jealousy here is my high school playlist.

Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag
This is the typical high school myth that one day your crush will finally turn around and notice you...its still a good song, but it also gives all high school kids false hope.

Neutral Milk Hotel - Aeroplane Over the Sea
I loved this album in 11th grade, it made me feel artsy and deep...I still like it but I don't do the whole indie snob superiority routine like I used to. Pick up the album you won't be disappointed.

Frou Frou - Let Go
Every girl had this song on their mp3 but we were all convinced we were the only ones to have discovered Frou Frou, its a great song though...sometimes conformity pays off.

Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
I used to make mixtapes for this guy with the hopes that one day he would turn around recognize that I have awesome taste in music and want to date me. Oh how stupid that hope was, in the end he brought me to his garage tried to teach me how to play base guitar came very close to kissing me and instead started complaining about his ex girlfriend...yeah we never went on that "date."

Bands That I Thought Were Lame Then, And I Still Do Now:

Anybody who listed Simple Plan as a major musical influence already became uncool to me. I know I wasn't the coolest looking person in high school but Simple Plan? Dude that's like soooo lame...get some music taste and grow some balls!

Fall Out Boy
Another band who gets very little respect from me, they think they are so good and so innovative I just think they are so boring. Oh! and have you seen that picture of Pete Wentz's nose hairs? They are so long...look it up on TMZ just make sure you haven't eaten anything beforehand.

Maroon Five
There was a guy in high school that everyone loved so I felt the need to hate him. Its a strange scenario but he was a teacher's pet, very popular and I drew on his yearbook photo, gave him a Hitler Mustache and connected his eyebrows...little did I know he would see it. he interrogated my friend Anhthu about the picture and asked her why I'd do such a thing and honestly I still can't answer that (but when you told our AP English class that the main theme of Hamlet was "life" and the teacher thought you were a genius....congratulations dude every great work of LITERATURE IS ABOUT LIFE HARRY FUCKING POTTER IS ABOUT LIFE...I'm ok...) I think my picture defacing is somewhat justified. Maroon 5 reminds me of this guy, they are well loved and adored by all so I feel the need to unnecessarily hate them...sorry guys.

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