August 3, 2009

Being picked over sucks...time for a playlist

So if you have been following this blog for awhile you are well aware that my dating life sucks. It sucks so much that I have never had a boyfriend and I feel like the movie "Never Been Kissed" with Drew Barrymore should be a reality TV show about me. So for the Nth time its happened again, I have been pushed aside and replaced by another girl (this time its a high school chick too...I didn't know being 19 suddenly translated to being old and washed up...go figure). I shouldn't be surprised and I'm not, and I really shouldn't be hurt the guy was a dud anyway (Mr X) but I am. I could mull over in my brain what went wrong, whats wrong with me blah blah blah, but what for? He is a Buffalo guy, he isn't that complicated, I am just too advanced for people here, Buffalo may not be a small town but it sure behaves like one. I feel like there is pressure to "couple up" even with a loser (but hey I'm not that desperate yet). This is the kind of place where people get married right out of college, have kids and move to the suburbs...that's not the life I want. All my life I have been a bit, unconventional, I just didn't realize it would make it difficult to find a good guy. And not just a good guy, a guy I could really be compatible with. I am uneasy in a place where everyone is so satisfied with themselves, like they never see the bigger picture. They are happy with their local news about Terrell Owens and The Bills, or The Sabres, they have no desire to explore. I want someone who challenges me, who is as excited to explore the greater world as I am, I am not going to live here forever (believe me I'm not) and I certainly don't need some one to bring me down to a Buffalonian level. So on that note and the fact that I feel bitter and bitchy and no its not PMS its PSMS (Post Stupid Man Syndrome), its playlist time!

Anyway here is my "Life sucks I am going to become the first Jewish nun" playlist!

Kate Nash - Mouthwash
Oh Kate never ceases to make me feel better during bad times, and her songs are always so cheery and yet so bitter I love it.

Lily Allen - LDN
A lot of people claim Lily and Kate sound similar, I always thought Kate was the sweeter one and Lily was more of the "fuck you" type of girl, which is why I like her.

Athlete - Half Light
This is something I put on if I'm really pissed off it has a calming effect on me for some reason.

Travis - Why Does It Always Rain On Me
Instead of grabbing tissues and wallowing I usually play this...which sounds just as emo.

Spirit Of The West - Home For A Rest
My favorite Canadian Celtic rockers make great angry, drinking songs...all I need is this song playing and a few guinesses (emphasis on a few) and I may be alright.

Ladytron - Seventeen
here's to being an "old maid" yeah right...

So at this point all I want is alcohol, alcohol, and a really lame romantic comedy so I can get drunk and make fun of all the actors...but like the Rolling Stones said "You can't always get what you want" and no, I will not get over it because wallowing in my own self pity feels pretty damn good right least until the next loser comes along.


  1. If it is any consolation, I am 31 and still have not found Mr. Right. Oh, I have had my fair share of long term relationships the most recent failed one of five miserable years. Trust me when I say you have soooo much time ahead of you to find the man for you. You are intelligent and you will find the man who can appreciate your talent.

    I have never been to Buffalo, but I do live in Indiana and it is pretty much the same way here with the whole get married and have kids right away. But, I agree with you and 19 is far from old when I am 31 and still do not feel like it. Wow! Anyway, I really like your blog.

    Please take time to stop by and check mine out. I would really appreciate your feedback.