August 20, 2009

Guilty Pleasures: Vanessa Carlton

When I saw Vanessa featured in the movie White Chicks (when they are all in the car singing a Thousand Miles) my shame for my eleven year old music obsession grew. However, Vanessa really is a talented musician. Not only does she write her own songs and play the piano but her music also has substance. My favorite song White Houses is about the loss of innocence and virginity, it almost got banned from MTV because of the lyrics. I think its one of the best written songs of the 2000s and is quite under appreciated. Vanessa is usually brushed off as "chick music" you know along with "chick movies" and the like. I guess I understand why guys wouldn't really be that into her, being caught with Vanessa Carlton on your mp3 by your buddies is probably emasculating. However you are safe to listen to her here, no one can see you and I promise I won't tell!

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