August 17, 2009

Older Stuff (5 years max) that never gets radio play.

The Comas - Come My Sunshine
I am really digging the punk meets indie rock vibe. I also like the competing male-female vocals.

The French Kicks - So Far We Are
When I was in my brit pop revival phase in high school (arctic monkeys, the kooks, the view...) I would frequently replay this song.

City and Colour - Sleeping Sickness
Dallas Green's of AlexisonFire (that really annoying Toronto based screamo band) side project which is rarely the better act but in this case it rings true.

Captain - Keep An Open Mind
Its just one those feel good tunes, that the ipod commercials would love to use.

The Shocking Pinks - Emily
The singer has a monotone voice which doesn't make the song sound appealing, but with the heavy bass and simple drums it has a very grunge meets eighties synth pop vibe.

Make Model - The LSB
They throw TVs and use weird band, I like.

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