August 14, 2009

St Vincent: I don't get it

Really I don't fucking get it...everyone is in love with her. I just saw her on the cover of Death and Taxes, Spin and Under the Radar love her new album, but her music annoys me so much. I don't find her sound that innovative or original, I just find it boring and contrived. She has a beautiful voice and she is a beautiful woman, but just like Nora Jones...I fall asleep listening to her. I'm sure someone will read this, roll their eyes and conclude that I know nothing about music. They may think I am far too unsophisticated to appreciate St Vincent, and that may be, but that doesn't mean that I am going along with the indie media orgy and joining the band wagon of praise. I am almost fearful writing this that all her fans are going to find out where I live and attack me...but I must say it...SHE'S OVER-HYPED! There...please go easy on me...I like using my arms, and legs.

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