August 19, 2009

Are The WonderGirls planning a North American invasion?

Recent Video footage says yes. They performed their smash hit "Nobody" in New York in English, and they were surprisingly decent. However, Asian artists breaking into the US market has proven challenging; Boa's current career in the US appears to be more rocky than smooth, Se7en has never gotten any attention from US R&B fans and Utada who is probably the most likely to have any Western success has never sold that many albums here . Although I wish Wondergirls luck, it would cool to see all those tween queens like Miley, Demi and Selena shaking in their boots a bit...probably won't happen but I can dream.

Their debut single in Korea...

OH AND GUESS WHAT...after I wrote that whole piece about The Wondergirls possibly breaking into the US market I find the dubut US single...I'm a fast one.

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  1. I like Nobody, both the Korean and English version. I think it would be a better US single than this. But I sincerely hope the Wondergirls will also be big in America, they're a pretty decent group.