August 5, 2009

Mariah Carey's "Obsessed" gets clobbered By "The Warning"

So the video came out about a week ago, and its been the talk of the hip hop community for a while. However if if wasn't for The Dream's awesome production skills Mariah wouldn't even have a leg to stand on (thank god for Auto-Tune!). I don't usually give artists like Mariah any of my time, but if it weren't for Eminem's response song "The Warning" I wouldn't have to. Wow...he is back, "oh gee is that supposed to be me/ in the video with the goatee wow Mariah didn't expect you go balls out" OUCH. And he gets worse, in response to Nick Cannon"You gonna ruin my career you better get one." If Mariah was any other pop diva she would be done...I think its a rule of thumb that if Eminem references you on a track you never EVER respond...because Em will bite back. I think he went too hard on this tune but it proves he can still make a good diss song (whoever said Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper can he be when Nas and Em are still around?).

I figured most people have heard the diss song already (I heard it about 5 days ago myself) But I'm posting it


  1. Well, one of these two songs is the number 12 most downloaded song in the country. Who's the real winner here...?

  2. I agree! No one messes with Eminem because he's like the king of "diss" songs. And we all know that Mariah Carey is not used to doing such.
    Wait... Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper alive? In which planet? XD