August 22, 2009

Lost Songs from my mp3 part 3

Ben Folds Five - Kate
God Kate is one lucky B***h, she gets a really great song written about her...and oh yeah its ultra catchy. The piano is what makes the song. It has a very retro 1960s feel, which isn't surprising since it was written in the late 90s at the height of sixties nostalgia.

The Walkmen - The Rat
This is one pissed off song and yet so danceable-ly catchy.

David Usher - Black Black Heart
David Usher is a very good song writer, and this is his most well known song. It is so popular it was even remade by a Chinese artist.

The Futureheads - Meantime
A band I grew really partial to between the ages of 16 and 17 and semi forgot about. However I still have all of their songs on my mp3 and I was finally remeinded of why I liked them so much.

The Mooney Suzuki - Alive and Amplified
In the same vein as The Futureheads with some Flaming Lips mixed in.

Death Cab For Cutie - 405
From one of their lesser known albums (my favorite album from them) "We Have The Facts And We Are Voting Yes" a great lofi tune.

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