August 2, 2009

UK Hip Hop

The UK has one of the most dynamic and biggest emerging hip hop scenes in the game. Generally ignored on this side of the pond, (except for The Streets, Lady Sovereign and now M.I.A.) it seems as if British hip hop is finally getting the respect it deserves.


Try "Black Rose", "New Era" and "Can't You See?"

Wretch 32
Not a huge fan of the auto tune on "Superhero"...but I'll let that slide. Listen to "Ina Di Ghetto" and "Be Cool"

My favorite one of the bunch, comparing him to biggie or pac is a big of a stretch but if there was ever a British artist that comes close this is your guy and I don't say that lightly. Try "Love & Music", "Judgement Day", and "Fight Club."

Not my favorite hip hop artist but the one definitely enjoying the most commercial success.

Terra Firma
Yes this is the good stuff, its hard, raw and fast...and I am aware of how X rated that last statement is. keep your dirty thoughts to yourself. Listen to the "Git Down Remix", "Rollaball" and "Black Tigers" is a must.

Adding a heavy bass and drum set as his hooks, its just good ok! Try "Alpha."

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