August 17, 2009

Uncle Murda jumps on the band wagon and disses Auto-Tune

Not a big Jay-Z fan but ever since his song Death Of Auto-Tune came out every gangster rapper in New York with a fledgling career has come out of left field and dissed Auto-Tune in one track or another...and its getting old REALLY FAST. The latest is MC Murda who has made a career out of dissing other rappers on tracks, including Jay-Z, after verses about the stanky leg, easy shots at Kanye and Lil Wayne..I could already tell this wasn't going to be promising. While he's claiming he is killing it on the mic, the lyrics and the hook are neither creative nor witty. Mostly he's just using dead rappers like Tupac, Easy E and Biggie to get his point across about old gangster rap versus the new T-Pain hip pop music of today...and it really doesn't work. By using deceased legendary rappers it just appears as if Murda is exploiting them in order to gain a tiny bit of attention...not to mention, he can't rap AT ALL.

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