August 5, 2009

More Korean Pop guilty pleasures

2PM- Again and Again
If there was ever a K-pop group that was trying way to hard to be the second coming of B2K and N'Sync this is it. My friend Emily showed me this group months ago and I brushed it off (did my usual its "pop fluff" indie snob routine) but as with almost all K-pop Emily shows me I always end up guiltily listening to it weeks later with my curtains drawn and my lights turned off.

Big Bang - Haru Haru
It started off as a joke between all of us in the dorms that this song was really about a gay couple (the two guys singing) and the girl was the one splitting them apart (because judging by the video it sure as hell looks that way if you don't understand Korean) and the guy-liner does not help...obviously its my great disappointment. I still listen to the song though...very guiltily I might add.

Chae Yeon - Two Of Us
This is the most surprising song on the list I think...this ain't my style at all...and yet I listen to it all the time usually at weird times of the day, like 3 in the morning. The guy in the video kind of looks like a creep too...which doesn't help matters.

Se7en - Crazy
He is basically the Korean Usher.


  1. Anyhow this Big Bang Haru Haru Parody actually got me into kpop in a roundabout sorta way. I prefer these lyrics to the real one. Poopiness is the parodizer.

    I find myself compelled to post on your kpop posts even thought they are super old and you will probably never see this...

  2. I check all my posts for comments, so don't worry I read them!