August 12, 2009

Guilty Pleasures List 6

Jason Mraz - The Remedy, The Geek In The Pink
I know everyone is in love with I'm Yours but I like vintage Jason (I like his newer stuff as well). When I was younger I used to listen to him in secret because his stuff was too pop oriented for my liking, now I don't care. I also wouldn't mind marrying him...I don't believe in marriage but I can make an exception for Jason.

Michelle Williams
- We Break The Dawn
This song should have gotten way more attention then it did. It came out last summer, and I know everyone gives Michelle a hard time for being the only member of Destiny's Child that can't sing...but this song proves them all wrong. And can I just say that the sleek bob is really looking good on her. Go Michelle!

Ayumi Hamasaki - Sparkle
The creepiest I've ever seen Ayumi. She's Japan's Britney Spears without the tabloid fiascoes.

Lola - Álomtánc, Ne szólj!
Hungarian pop sensation found the American way through a talent search. She is extremely pretty and has a very pleasant radio friendly voice. She does try too hard almost all the time, and I'm sure her fan base in Hungary is preteen girls...but that's why she's a guilty pleasure and not a staple of my music collection. You need a balanced diet of music and she's kind of like the sprinkles on the ice cream of the musical food pyramid.

Natalia - Que no puede ser
This is the ultimate embarrassing confession, but I love this song (a lot of her stuff is horrible on the ears and eyes...actually 99% of it is). Her videos are horrible and they over-sexualize everything. She is a pop singer from Spain, but looks like a Southern Californian transplant who just so happens to sing in spanish. If you watch Loco por mi you will understand the extent of my embarrassment (yes even I have enough dignity not to post things...the video is just so bad). However her facial expressions in the videos are priceless, they are so forced and exaggerated coupled with furious hip shaking...

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