August 11, 2009

I'm back from Toronto 20 pounds heavier and two hundred dollars lighter.

Not that anyone cares (this is a blog about music after all) but I had a really good trip, filled with sushi binges and bubble tea runs (oh how I have missed you kamikaze roll). As well as shopping (I don't shop in Buffalo) I fell in love with an article of clothing that I could not have in H&M after I was ready to give it a good home in my closet and name it Carrie Bradshaw. It was this great light pink dress with a leotard like boddess and tulle ruffles along the skirt (it was like Sex and The City clothes...), however Anhthu hated it and it came in two sizes too big (I would of taken it anyway if she wouldn't have stopped me). We walked all over the city and people watched, went to thrift stores and used book stores, took touristy photos and shoved as many dumplings in our mouths as possible at Dumpling House within the limited amount of time we were there. Anyway back to music, posted below are some songs I listened to on the bus ride too and from that I think suited our trip...

Joe Purdy - The City
One the most under-appreciated songs from one of the most underrated artists of the decade.
(Ignore the Grey's Anatomy video)

Matt Pond Pa - Summer is Coming
A beautiful track from one of my favorite chamber rock bands (because there are so many of them out there). A really great tune that deserves attention. I could only find a 57 second clip so if you like what you hear, search for the whole song.

Of Montreal Covers "Jimmy" by M.I.A.
The weirdest cover of an M.I.A. song I've heard but it works. I actually heard it shopping...

Paloalto - Fade Out In
My mp3 is as much a music playing device as it is an archive. I have songs on it I have had since high school, when you are on a bus and aren't picky about the music selection sometimes songs come up you didn't even realize you still had.

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