August 19, 2009

Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West - Run This Town, and Chris Brown -Changed Man

Mehh...Rihanna seems to be recovering her career nicely, while Chris Brown is a "Changed Man" please. Both songs are pretty generic but marketable, Run this Town will probably reach the Bill Board top ten with in a month, but its quite boring. Rihanna does her trademark yodeling, Jay-Z appears on the track for a minute talks about how he's the shit, and then Kanye does the same thing and raps about how tough it is to be him. OH Kanye I feel your pain it must be horrible being you, having lots of groupies, sucking up energy in your McMansion...horrible.

Chris Brown's new song is questionable, he does what he does best which is not sing well...usually he does that annoying whiny voice that has worked for him for so long. Its arguable whether the public will embrace him again. Its funny how Micheal Vick is getting more heat for running a dog fighting ring and making a come back and Chris Brown the idiot who beat his girlfriend is practically making a smooth transition (not that I am saying dog fighting is a petty crime, or that Vick shouldn't be punished...don't go all PETA on me ok? And I know I know dogs are people too).

All and all Run This Town is no Disturbia or Umbrella, but with Jay-Z, and Kanye attached it should sell. Chris Brown's new song could go either way be a big flop or garner him the sympathy vote from the prepubescent crowd...all I'm saying is Whitney Huston still had a career after Bobby Brown beat her, and where did Bobby Brown's music career go? Wife beating isn't cool or trendy Chris, and being a bad singer isn't either...but I can't hold that against you.

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  1. I don't dig Rihanna's new single either. I miss her Good Girl Gone Bad days... Have you heard Russian Roulette? That's worse than Run This Town.

    Good luck on your career, Chris Brown. No, really. ¬.¬