August 13, 2009

Under-Appreciated Band: The Hold Steady

A great band that never gets their due. They made one of the best records of 2006 (Boys and Girls in America) and released the album Stay Positive last year. They are a Brooklyn based group but have a very Midwestern feel (four of the five members are from Minneapolis-St Paul). Not a very innovative quintet, they aren't edgy or sophisticated but they make great classic rock and roll. The Hold Steady is not one of those bands that is going to be on the cover of Death and Taxes or Under The Radar as the new "it" group or flavor of the month, what they are is a group of guys who consistently put out solid, hearty, rock records. The best part about the band is that they never feel "dated." Just like "fashion" goes out of style season by season music goes through similar trends, Lady Gaga will sound "old" in ten years, the Hold Steady will never age.

Stuck between Stations:

Chips Ahoy!:

Stay Postive:

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  1. I completely agree! *Boys and Girls in America* along with *Separation Sunday* are such solid works of music. Not many people I know have the time to actually listen to these guys or know about them. I haven't heard their latest album but you have prompted me to get it. "The Hold Steady will never age"- So true.