August 15, 2009

Raekwon versus Joe Budden beef...please enlighten me

I read this huge article in Arts section of the New York Times today about the Raekwon and Joe Budden dispute, apparently it was all started by Vibe Magazine's Greatest Rapper list...What? Joe comes out and disses Method Man who was ahead of him in the polls, then apologizes, and suddenly old members from Wu-Tang feel the need to get in on the argument. Now Joe has a broken arm and a black eye apparently from Raekwon's crew beating him up at a Rock The Bells show. And all I can ask is why? This isn't the nineties! Rap beefs are for diss songs, not one on one physical confrontation, didn't Biggie and Tupac teach you anything? Budden is a newbie...well, newer than Raekwon (Pump it Up is from 2003). Of course he's going to talk shit, he is a cocky kid (well at least this isn't like the Soulja Boy -- Bow Wow mess...that was embarrassing) there is no need to physically put him in his place. Raekwon is a highly respected lyricist, if you really want to get even with the youngster why not just have a rap battle? Wouldn't that make more sense? To school Joe a bit and show him up instead of acting all middle school and exchanging fists and words over the Internet? Please boys lets all just learn to humiliate each other on rap tracks, you know that old sticks and stones saying...

Joe Budden: Pump it Up....gotta admit Raekwon would destroy Budden in a rap battle...why can't they just do that?

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