August 30, 2009

Auto-Tune Fail

Wow...I didn't have high expectations when I started playing The Stereos song Summer Girl, but I had no idea how awful it was going to get. First of all their style is so wrong, they want to be an Rn'B group but they have guitars and look like Fall Out Boy rejects so they decided to combine their lame sound with some Auto-Tune and really terrible lyrics. Then they added an awful music video with lots of Malibu barbie plastic girls, plus some bad outfit choices and hair cuts and you have one very messed band. I have no idea what musical direction they are going in and I don't think they do either. The only thing I will say is this band makes a perfect example of how NOT to use Auto-Tune...and also when its really ok to hire song writers (seriously guys I won't hold it against you but you can't you write for shit).

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