August 21, 2009

Is this bad music Friday or WHAT!? LMFAO release a new song....

Oh why WHY? Right after the Drake Nipsey post I thought the music couldn't get any worse, but no things can ALWAYS get worse. I ranted about LMFAO's "I'm in Miami Trick" months ago...and now this????? When will they stop making songs....please dear god when will they stop?


  1. I actually kinda like this song. Their videos are always rather disappointing to me, and to an extent, the lyrics too, but I like the electro instrumentals.

    They also did a collaboration with Crystal Method on CM's latest album. The song is called "Sine Wave" and I kinda dig it (if not mostly because Crystal Method is excellent. "Drown in the Now" is a collab they did with Matisyahu...). Anyhow, the lyrics are kinda crude, but I like the sine wave synth sound.

  2. Its stolen...from Big Bang's Heaven

  3. Although I had no idea they collaborated with crystal Method..if Crystal Method can see something in them...nah...I still can't =/

  4. With the exception of the lalala'ing, I can't hear any other rip offs with Big Bang's song. I must admit that most of LMFAO's song is kinda generic and fuses some of "best of" techno videos I listen to on Youtube with mainstream stuff like Chris Brown's "Forever."

    BTW, while I'm here - have you listened to Daniel Merriweather's "Change" ft. Wale? It came out a couple of months ago, but I only recently heard it on The Wedge and fell in love with it.

    (P.S. I miss you)

  5. I was going to say I kinda like this (I think it's kinda cute). Then I read the comment about Big Bang 'Heaven'. I totally hear it, maybe since I'm a total VIP. Your blog is some of the only exposure I've had to (new) non k-pop in about a year. I turned on the radio last month and heard Lil Wayne on about 4 songs on 4 different stations at the same time. I promptly shook my head and plugged my Epik High back in.

    -Random Person Out-

    P.S. I really like your blog