August 20, 2009

Koreans have crappy pop music too - G Dragon's Heartbreaker

I love Big Bang in that gimmicky kind of way, they are actually all pretty decent looking but wear way too much guy liner and are a bit too errm fashion forward? for a hip pop group. G Dragon is arguably the most popular member of the band and has his own side projects, a solo career a clothing line (I think) his new song Heartbreaker debuted two days ago...and um well...he kind of looks like dare I say it...Lady Gaga as a guy. I wish I was exaggerating, but the bleached blond hair the absurd outfits the HORRIBLE Auto-Tune sound (Cher called she wants her digitilized voice back) I am not impressed dude...


  1. Meh! not my favorite song from the album... but he is rockin' the blonde hair.

    Do you hear the Flo Rider in the beginning? There was a big hooha thrown about it.