August 17, 2009

New Third Eye Blind Single

Ummmmm.....yeah not liking it, I was pretty psyched when I first heard the news that they were releasing an album in 2009...but this single is just so lame. With lyrics like "rapstars bragging about shooting each other? Whatever happened to brother brother?" and the random screaming in between verses the recycling of trademark phrases from other musicians (Marvin Gaye and then "We won't get fooled again" from the Who), "Don't Believe a Word" 3EB's first single is a mess. What happened to the Third Eye Blind of the nineties? With songs like Motorcycle Drive by, Narcolepsy, Never Let You Go...and then the great album Out of the Vein from 2003 with the catchy single Blinded...I miss their older sound. However who knows how the critics will receive this album? Maybe it will be a welcome change, Third Eye Blind has never received much praise from music magazines.

Don't Believe a Word: Believe me when I say I wish I couldn't....

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