August 5, 2009

My Inner Nerd

Well I am more of an outer nerd actually, I mean I am in science and not just any science the scary know...the one that's just as bad as a four letter word but its seven...PHYSICS! My major sounds more pretentious than just "physics" because it actually involves chemistry, and biochemistry as well, to transform into MOLECULAR BIOPHYSICS (woah that was a mouth full...and now I sound like a pompous ass, good for me.)...but this isn't about how I'm in a sadistic school in a masochistic major. This is about the fact that I have recently started rereading my science textbooks for fun...and how disturbed I am about it. Most people use the summer to get a job, make some money, hang out with friends, not think about school...I on the other hand have succumbed to a boredom so great and mind numbing that reading quantum chemistry sounds fun (and when is quantum chemistry ever fun?). So to counteract my plunge into all out summer nerdiness as well as comfort myself for not have any male action in months (you see guys...this is what happens when I go on crappy dates...) its playlist time.

So this is my; Please dear god let the summer end so I will stop reading science textbooks...playlist.

M.I.A. - 10 dollar and 20 dollar
Arular is one of my most prized albums, its near perfect. It is rare to find a record where every single song is good...this is one of them. The song I'm featuring, 10 dollar is about a young prostitute who is able to become a globe trotter by taking advantage wealthy old men...M.I.A. is never boring that's for sure. 20 dollar is off her second album Kala. I have some issues with this album, mostly because I was a die hard M.I.A. junkie throughout high school and college and all of the sudden after "paper planes" hit the airwaves everyone loved M.I.A. no matter how little they knew about her. However 20 dollar is still a quality song and pays homage to the Pixies! Therefore I can't hate M.I.A. forever.

Robyn - Who's That Girl
Robyn is so unconventional much like M.I.A. but what baffles me is the fact that she is not as big as M.I.A. Her songs are quality and mainstream friendly I don't get it, but hey I don't like sharing so its ok.

The Caesars
- Jerk it Out
There is nothing boring about this song...NOTHING...

- Slow Hands
One of the greatest songs from one of the most confusing bands, don't even bother analyzing the lyrics they make absolutely no sense.

LCD Soundsystem
- North American Scum
One of the most non-boredom inducing songs I know...I play it sometimes when I'm doing boring calculus.

Mute Math - Chaos
Its math rock! And no math rock does not mean they sing about math...or about chaos theory...its just a very experimental rhymically complex derivative of rock music. Look it up on wikipedia.


  1. Cool - I like the concept of math rock. I can see it being difficult for a drummer to get used to.

  2. Hey you nerd! lol! I'm just kidding.

    Nice blog! Thanks for enlighting us with the variety of music.

    I love Robyn! She doesn't get as much credit as she should! She's great!