August 20, 2009

September is quickly approaching

Which means that the September Issue of Vogue is closer and closer to being in my sweaty stubby little hands! Not that anyone cares, but September is one of those great transitional months. We delude ourselves into thinking that with the right pair of jeans and a new haircut we can change our lives, get a boyfriend and have a great new social life, and this year more than any other I can remember I am holding on to that false hope that things will be "different." After moving back to Buffalo I need to fool myself into contentment. I dress like I still live in a big city even though I am really just walking to Walgreens, I try to pretend there are things to do on the weekends...even though most of the time its me staying at home. Fantasy for me has always been a nice diversion from living in Buffalo, where my social life is non-existent and my friends are few. I sometimes imagine throwing parties, but then the question is where would I throw the party and who would I invite? My guest list would consist of four people...great. So in honor of this fabulous party which I will never host, and my awesome wardrobe which I never get a chance to wear out of the is my: Party Playlist.

LCD Soudsystem - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
because I would never play Daft Punk at my house (not a huge fan), but LCD Soundsystem I totally would...and I do.

The Faint - Worked Up So Sexual
Not as dirty as it sounds, and more party appropriate than Take Me To The Hospital...even though the song is about strippers...

Ladytron - Seventeen
I am not seventeen...but I am not 21 yet, so I think I'm still semi fun...(listen to the song and you will understand all).

Royksopp - Remind Me
I don't drink that heavily, and I've only had a hangover once, and I have never "blacked out" or anything, but after being back in Buffalo its tempting to spend the rest of my time in one big drunken stupor (don't worry I won't).

NASA - Gifted
Wrote about this song in a previous blog post but its just so good...even with Kanye attached its still a good song

Buraka Som Sistema - Sound of Kuduro
This is like ultimate party music, kuduro is never boring, I just wish I could actually dance (why was I born a tiny white Jewish girl with no rhythm?).

The Whip - I Wanna Be Trash
I actually don't want to be trash but this song is so sexy and so good.

The Bravery - Honest Mistake
This song is apparently about the singer mistakenly mixing up a close friend's sexual orientation (apparently) but its a good dance track

Editors - Munich
Danced to this a lot in high school when I thought no one was looking...little did I know my sister used to spy on me. I think there is footage on the Internet of me making a fool of myself somewhere...

Chemical Brothers -Galvanize
The Chemical Brothers are one of those bands that made electronica cool again in the 2000s, their sound and style is very eclectic.

N.E.R.D. - Everyone Nose
With digs at Lindsy Lohan. Paris Hilton, and Whitney Huston...its a very funny very catchy song. I love Pharrell Williams (also check out the remix with Kanye and Lupe).

Chester French - She Loves Everybody
Ivy League brats do their thing, and do it well (I covered Chester French in my May blog posts).

You Can Never Go Wrong With
(check out labels for more on artists below--they have already been featured multiple times in blog posts):

- Almost every single M.I.A. song from both albums can be used in a party playlist, they are all catchy, solid danceable tunes.

Santigold - Santigold is the new M.I.A. (I say that with hesitation) that doesn't mean that she creates similar music to M.I.A. but their styles are very similar, they are both quirky counterculture icons breaking through to the mainstream.

Rye Rye - M.I.A. protege creates danceable electronic rap with Black Star.

Bloc Party - At least half of every bloc Party record contains danceable tracks, also check out Silent Alarm: Remixed.

Yelle - One of the breakout acts of 2008/2009 her album POP UP is indietronica at its best.

Thunderheist - Dance/Rap duo from Toronto.

Teddybears - Get their debut album, you won't be disappointed, just like every wardrobe has "signature pieces" The Teddybears is one of those bands that just stands out in an album collection.

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