August 6, 2009

Affinity for Indie

So basically me and Bradley had one of our ritual lets get together and talk really loudly and scare people days. Which is quite self explanatory, we walk all over Buffalo without realizing it and bitch about extremely arbitrary topics, to the amusement of all who over hear us. Eventually the conversation always turns to music. Me and Bradley have known each other for over ten years and are polar opposites, I am a 5 foot tiny white girl, he is a 6 foot 3 gigantic black dude, I went to a huge university in a big city, he went to a tiny college in a microscopic town. Bradley is a huge proponent of so called "ring tone rap" (see the Spencer Pratt post for more clarification). We literally get into screaming matches over his "ring back tones" and the like...let me put it this way he likes Flo Rida WAY to much. Bradley's concept of music is that everything should come to the center, this means that all music is eventually commercialized and packaged like "pop." He justifies this by saying that the biggest rappers today noting Flo Rida and Soulja Boy are less about the lyrics and all about the beat and hook that makes it have a more "dance" oriented sound, after this speech I usually roll my eyes and scowl. I then go on to list artists that I like that stay true to their roots, make great music, and care about the time and effort that goes in to making a great album, he usually grumbles something about me being an indie snob and then notes that you don't see any of my bands on any lists for the most popular singles and ringtones. This conversation can go on for hours, and usually ends with both of us agreeing to disagree. However today, Bradley claimed that my affinity for indie music had gone too far, clouding my judgement of more popular music just because I have what he calls "an indie snob" complex. And this might be true, I mean I also think that Bradley likes to assign people arbitrary disorders because he is a psych major, but I must admit my indie snobbery has actually hindered my appreciation for other types of music. I can't say I will ever like Soulja Boy (actually I will never like Soulja Boy) but all these guilty pleasures lists I make would sure be unnecessary if I admitted to liking pop music in the first place. But I like my guilty pleasures lists and I enjoy my obscure collection of indie basically our relationship remains the same. What did we learn from all of this? Absolutely nothing. However to pay tribute to my best friend I've posted some artists HE likes for a change...didn't ever think THAT would happen.

You know how many times I have suffered on the phone waiting for him to pick up listening to this!!!! Way too many.

My second least favorite rapper, well he's not my least favorite! Have to give him props for ripping off an even lamer eighties song with an even lamer music video

Bradley claimed he discovered her first, and honestly I couldn't care less, but lets just assume he did. At least I can thank Lady Gaga for rejuvenating pop music, but can't say I'm a fan AT ALL.

I think that's all I can we'll end it here.


  1. God, maintsream "pop" is the entire reason why I boycott the radio. To hell with it. (well, that's what pandora's for, right?)

  2. I don't know, finding a radio station is kind of like shopping for a pair of jeans you know? You go through hundreds till you find the perfect fit. I still listen to the radio from time to time (CFNY 102.1) its changed a bit since I was in High school my favorite DJ committed suicide about a month ago...but don't give up on radio just yet. =P

    But you are right, the internet (pandora and other services) are really replacing the traditional FM radio waves...I guess I am a bit nostalgic.

  3. That Brad sounds like a very intelligent and handsome young man. You should spend some time listening to him. Who knows, you might actually gain decent taste in music lol. In all seriousness, this was a very fun blog post. I can't even make a rebuttle because you did a great job explaining both sides. Though the battle between ringtone rap and crap rap is an ongoing one, we can be sure that hip "POPpers" will thrive as they won't starve to death while selling three of their albums a day outside s Starbucks and in the Downtown library...sorry Wale lol