July 19, 2009

I Love Spencer Pratt

I love Spencer Pratt because he is an opportunistic prick, and everyone knows it including him. I read the Spin interview about his aspiring "rap career" he wants to be known as "Great White" as in "great white shark" honestly I thought he meant as in "great white hope" because that would of gone over sooooooo well. He claims he wants to make "disposable ring tone rap" and for the first time in I think Spencer Pratt's entire career as an annoying tabloid fixture, he finally has brought up a good and disturbing point about the current state of the mainstream music industry. All music nowadays in disposable. No one wants to buy an album anymore everyone just wants singles. Rap used to be about the lyrics, the message behind the song, it was poetry put to music. Now, no one cares about the wording, its all about who can make the catchiest tune and sell more ring tones. That's a depressing thought, that more effort is being used to create the next ring tone for our cell phones than the next great album. So Mr Pratt I wish you luck with your first single "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" because I can at least take comfort in knowing that since your music is disposable its also forgettable.

Enjoy the media spectacle that is Spencer Pratt:

The Spin Interview: http://www.spin.com/blog/spencer-pratt-rap-god-and-spencer-pratt


  1. Just a side comment I just found out the name "Great White" has already been taken by a 1970s rock band sorry Spencer.


  2. You're actually really good at this blogging thing. It's so professional sounding. One thing you may want to consider, regarding your assesment of the "current state of mainstream music". Although rap music used to be about the "message", and "lyrics", a shift to an era of rap (as well as R&B, Pop, and Rock) that's about music should be embraced, not opposed. Sure, good lyrics will give a song staying power on one's iPod as it will make it easier to tie the song to an emotion or a life experience, but I would argue that the songs of today emphasize having a good time with no emotional strings attached. It also encourages one to try out new artists as us mainstreamers are known for swinging from one song to the next. To concluded, although my iPod doesn't have eight of "The Roots's" album, I like the fact that I have One Flo Rida album, One Fall Out Boy album, One Beyonce album, One Pitbull album and One Lady GaGa album. It gives my iPod multiple sounds, and exposes me to a variety of different artists and genres.
    -?Guess Who? lol

  3. Soo true. Music is disposable these days, and I'm kinda glad b/c most of it doesn't have sustance anyway. Maybe thats why I'm drawn to older music..

    I don't know about the title tho. Can anyone love Spencer! he's repulsive

  4. As much as I hate Spencer Pratt too, I think he's got a point. Music nowadays is not about the soul or the message anymore. Just look at those reality shows that claim to give birth to the next big girl or boy band... it's really all about the "packaging" now.
    And we can't blame fans who go for underground acts and want them to stay there. Because we know that once the acts go mainstream, they'd be too commercialized to care about the "music" anymore. :(