July 11, 2009

unappreciated band day: The Zutons

The Zutons ingenious first album "Who Killed...The Zutons?" released in 2004 produced two of the best songs of the decade (so good I was convinced they were cover songs from Motown Records until I did some research). Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson ended up covering one of these songs "Valerie" and making it a big hit in Britain, the only problem with this is now more people associate "Valerie" with Winhouse than The Zutons! Now, you may ask yourself why I'm even covering them today, they had no new music out lately or any major buzz, but I was just sitting and listening to them for about 3 hours and realized how under-appreciated they are. And there guys definitely deserve some recognition.

So here are my favorite Zutons songs:

"Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?"


"Whats Your Problem?"

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