July 24, 2009

Big Sean - Getcha Some and Hip Hop fashion

Big Sean's song "Getcha Some" is basically one big arrogant anthem about how fresh his kicks, chains, and jackets are, but by the way he dresses in the music video (which is pretty hot by the way) I believe it. I can't help but noticing the change in hip hop fashion as exhibited in rap videos, most notably "You're a Jerk" which I shamefully featured in one of my "Guilty Pleasures" posts. The pants are tighter and flashier with brighter colors and wilder patterns, and the t shirts are even more creative. Yes, the huge chains are still there, but they're not as decked out in ice, they are chunkier and thicker instead with less sparkle. A lot of people don't really dig the new trend, however I'm kind of feeling it. I never liked the whole "matchy matchy" look that dominated the rap scene for years (you know all that color coordinating, the shoes matching the hat matching the belt...). I like the experimental feel, and the whole gangster meets skater appeal. Maybe its the rising popularity of "Ice Cream" Pharrell's joint venture with Japanese designer Nigo, or Lupe Fiasco's street skater style but I'm loving the clothes, baggy pants and white t-s are so overrated.

He's an "Atheist Turned Christian when he rocks his true religions" this song is just one big shopping list, but I dig it.

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