July 25, 2009

Island Records Playlist

In terms of the major labels, Island seems to be the most innovative. With acts like Frankmusik, Ladyhawke, Portishead, and VV Brown, Island leads the pack when it comes to trend setting performers.

Leon Jean Marie
- Bring It On
I normally hate the growing eighties nostalgia trend but when its mixed with Motown and the essence of Marvin Gaye I dig it. This song has to get some radio play, its so smooth, so on point, and so right now.


Attic Lights - Bring You Down
Cute Scottish band make irresistible Brit Pop jams. I have a soft spot for Brit Pop bands, some people collect clocks others collect garden gnomes, I collect UK rock bands...I am definitely going to check out their other stuff!


The Feeling - Turn It Up
They sure love the Beatles, and Bowie but instead of imitating them they take what they like from the 1960s and 70s and make it their own. This is classic rock for the modern alternative rock fan.


Innerpartysystem - Don't Stop
Electronic rock that has a real bite to it.

New Young Pony Club - The Bomb
Screw the Tings Tings and their manufactured sound, you want edgy? New Young Pony Club is edgy.

Melanie Fiona - Give It To Me Right
She may be my favorite female R&B artist besides VV Brown to debut this year. Give "Give it to me right" a real good listen. Oh yeah and she's from Toronto. The only side note I have is if the beat sounds familiar it should, its from "Time Of The Season" by The Zombies.


  1. Wow she sampled from The Zombies? It's too bad I didn't get to hear "Time of the Season" live a couple of weeks ago.

    I hope she got permission to sample from them, unlike Timbaland...

  2. Yes, she did, but she must have gotten permission if it is now receiving such wide radio play, because Time of the Season is a very well known song.