July 25, 2009

Another Drake rant

I really don't get it. I keep listening to his stuff because I feel like I'm missing something. This guy has so much hype surrounding him, and so many devoted fans I feel bad even hating on him...but I must. Everything he does sounds so generic, its about girls, money and "swag." The hooks disguise the boring rap dialogue, at this point I just think Drake is filling the public void for Weezy (since he's working on "Rebirth" which I am not waiting in anticipation for). I almost get upset every time I log on to Facebook and see someone with a status update using a quote from a Drake song. The line "You the best" has become quite popular, and it annoys me to no end, how the hell is "You the best" profound rap dialogue? How is it creative? How is it pushing the rap game further in terms of innovation and edginess? Please explain this to me. I just don't get it. I actually heard Drake before he became a phenom in the US, I heard him three years ago when he was still on Degrassi and I wasn't impressed, and I'm not jumping on the band wagon now. However, I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall trying to figure this kid out. All I honestly see is a white collar version of Plies, same shit, different guy spitting rhymes about screwing girls and buying them stuff in a more articulate manner. Gentlemen please, we know you want to get laid but it wouldn't hurt to write some better material first, this stuff gets old real fast. So, if you are a Drake fan, please, enlighten me, what makes his music so special to you?


  1. Actually, I'm with you on this! I like his music, but when I listen to it I don't think its worth all the praise he has been getting on facebook statuses and every where else. I will say its pretty impressive that he became so popular over that 1 mixtape song with no album. But when you have weezy backin you.. of course ur gonna pop off!

  2. I like to associate people with other things. So if you make good music, that's good, a great music video +10, on a track with someone I like yey +10, good at something else +10 again, it's the recognition factor. I thought You The Best was on OK song... but after I found out it was Jimmy from Degrassi (which I stopped watching before he started rapping) I liked it just a bit more. I think that appeal goes out to many others just multiplied by 100 fold. I'm an English major so while it doesn't provide for good rapping his little metaphors strike me as cute sometimes. This comes from someone who has grown to prefer the 'radio-edited' versions of most songs. Excessive and unneeded cursing is beyond me, like sparkly vamps I just don't see the appeal.